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The Dornick Hills Historical Foundation was formed early in 2019 by a group inspired by the history of Dornick Hills and Perry Maxwell. The Club and the Foundation are separate entities, governed by separate Boards of Directors, that work together towards a common goal.

The mission of the Dornick Hills Historical Foundation is to:

  1. Preserve and honor the history of the Club and its creator, Perry Maxwell.
  2. Preserve, maintain, and, when appropriate, restore the historic structures and grounds of the Club (including the golf course and all component or constituent parts thereof), and to purchase equipment to maintain the same of the Club. “Historic structures and grounds” shall not include non-historic facilities and structures, for example, the swimming pool.
  3. Retire debt, incurred before or after the effective date of the Foundation, for the activities of (2) above.
  4. Promote and undertake educational programs connecting youth and golf as and where determined by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Projects undertaken to accomplish this mission must be mutually agreed upon by the Board of Directors of both the Club and Foundation. Any equipment purchases and projects requiring contracts must be agreements between the Club and the third party. The Foundation only serves as a source of financial support. 

The Foundation has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS, thereby making donations to the Foundation tax-deductible. If you would like to donate to the Dornick Hills Historical Foundation, please do so below:

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